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Webinar l Discussion on Student Politics in Sri Lanka

Muragala l Centre for Progressive Politics & Policy held a Webinar on “Student Politics in Sri Lanka”, on Thursday 27 June, 2024, from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm (Sri Lankan time).

This webinar focused on the contemporary issues pertaining to student politics and their future trajectories. In the 2024 Bloomsbury Handbook of Student Politics and Representation in Higher Education, Sachinda Dulanjana’s chapter “Finding a Way Forward amidst the Contemporary Challenges to Sri Lankan Student Politics” discusses the historical background of student activism in Sri Lankan state universities, while examining its impact on the higher education sector in Sri Lanka. The chapter also analyses the challenges Sri Lankan student activists face in their politics and political mobilisation. The chapter can be downloaded in the link below:

The speakers for this panel were author Mr Sachinda Dulanjana (former speaker of Sri Lanka Youth Parliament and official Sri Lankan youth delegate to the United Nations), and panellists who will be providing comments on the chapter: Professor Prabha Manuratne (University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka), Dr Ajith Amarasinghe (Political Analyst), and Dr Kaushalya Perera (University of Colombo). The panel was moderated by Mr Harindra B Dassanayake (Muragala l CPPP, Sri Lanka).

The full webinar can be viewed on YouTube:

The webinar was held in Sinhala, with summaries provided in English.

Image Copyright (c) 2024 Nazly Ahmed and made available under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license

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